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We have all the resources and we are equipped with the skills and training needed to address any pest problem. We specialize in removing and keeping away different types of pests, insects, and small animals and our services include but are not limited to:

Pest Control

Our pest control services help regulate, manage, and completely eradicate different species of pest that may cause further harm to your family and property. We use the most environment-friendly techniques and tools to ensure the safety of our pest control procedures.

Ant Removal

While ants are beneficial in killing other pests like bedbugs and fleas, they can also become troublesome when they start to crowd kitchen cabinets, door frames, and other places. There are many different ways to manage and repel ants and keep them away from your pantry. If your homemade solutions simply aren’t making any difference, it may be time to contact professional exterminators like us.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are sly creatures that can multiply quite quickly. Early detection and removal are very critical to prevent and avoid even larger infestations. Our team of expert terminators will assess your home and implement the best solutions to eradicate these pesky insects and keep them from coming back.

Rodent Removal

We also specialize in rodent control and removal, helping you rid your home of disease-carrying rats, mice, and rodents that can contaminate your food sources and cause property damage.

Wasp Removal

Wasp removal is best left in the hands of professionals. Here at Ted the Terminator, we treat wasp nests with environment-friendly solutions to help rid your home or backyard of these stinging and buzzing creatures and repel other colonies from taking over and scavenging the old, emptied nests.

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