Rodent Removal


Not only are rodents a nuisance, but they are destructive to ventilation systems, buildings, and roofs. Their habits, droppings and the dirt they leave behind spread mites and disease to humans. So if you have been unsuccessful in eliminating the problem, you may need to take the next step. Ted The Terminator provides Poison-Free Rodent, Mouse, and Rat Control Services with guaranteed results. We take a skilled approach to focus on the root cause of your rodent problem, which is often available resources and structural flaws allowing infestation.

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There are different type of rodents with unique characteristics that require different methods for proper eradication, including the use of traps, poison, and exclusion.


Rats are generally black or brown, measuring about 40cm in length, and are characterized by a pointed nose, large ears, and a long tail. This nocturnal creature has a small and sleeker body covered with smooth fur. Rats make their living inside the burrows, mounted cardboard, piles of clothing, and wood. They are excellent climbers and often hide in upper structures that are unreached by humans. Female rats can yield four to eight pups in a single litter which means they give birth to about 40 new rodents per year. Rats tend to be the major carriers of the bacterial disease plague.

Mice or House Mouse

Mice have covered short hair that is often spotted in light brown, black, or grey in color. They are characterized by lighter bellies, long ears, and distinguished long straight hair at the snout. Adult mice typically weigh about 12 to 30 grams and can be 20cm long. The mouse makes its living in farm fields, grassy and wooded areas that are generally dark and often in close proximity to food sources. They are very active creatures and are always found roaming in widespread areas. Mice are capable of sensing food materials from a very long distance. A female mouse can yield up to six pups in a single litter and each pup attains to maturity in about 35 days from birth.  Mice have the sharp hearing capability and they often produce squeaking sounds when communicating.



The presence of rodents can be sensed through some signs such as:

  • Fecal pellets
  • Footprints and tail drags of rats
  • Gnawing damage
  • Burrows
  • Strange holes in a room
  • Urine stains
  • Rodent sounds and footsteps (usually rats are heard, not mice)
  • Rodent odors
  • Alarming sounds from pets



Many methods have been deployed for rodent control. Among those methods, traps, and baits are considered to be the most effective in knocking down its population. Rodent baits work well in controlling large rodent populations. After baiting, continue with sanitation procedures like cleaning away the baited food source and seal harborage as no rodents tend to stay in your home.

Traps are another effective tool in the war against them. But, finding the right-sized trap is a challenging task as the size could vary with rats and mice. Place traps a couple of feet apart in case you deal with mice. For rats, place the traps about 15-20 feet apart.

Mice are harder to prevent than rats since mice can squeeze through into very tight spaces, but rats can be blocked by placing wire mesh around the openings in buildings that are often a result of quick sloppy construction that doesn’t think of pest control.

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